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I don't want some customers to leave reviews. What can I do?

There are a few reasons why you don't want some customers to leave a review.
One reason might be the ordering of trail orders. It's understandable the fact that you don't want to waste review request on yourself. Other reason could be the selling on Amazon, even though you can always disable the domain on the blacklist. The truth is that we highly recommend to activate it: customers can end up knowing your store and turn into your own customers.


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  • My account is not sending review requests and I have not exceeded my limit yet. What is happening?

    To provide the best service, we improve Revi's module versions from time to time. Try to install the latest updated version, because in most cases an outdated version is the main reason why mails are ...

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  • How I collect reviews with Revi?

    Easy peasy lemon squeezy! Once you've installed the module everything is automatic. Revi will send an email after a customer purchases a product to evaluate their experiences in your on-line store. Cu...

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  • Where can I publish my reviews?

    The most important site to publish the reviews is your own website. You also have a trust seal and several widgets to show in different sections of your website.
    Homepage, sidebar and ...

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  • Can I remove a review?

    In Revi, we will evaluate the possibility of removing a review taking in consideration the language used and the veracity behind the review. In any case, we just can't remove a review just because you don't agree with it. There's a right of speech that protects these reviews.

  • Can I reply to a review?

    You can and you should.  All our subscriptions include this feature. Turn reviews into your most powerful marketing tool and your sales skyrocket. Reviews from your customers can provide valuable...

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  • How can I make sure reviews are not fake?

    We stand with honesty and transparency. Therefore, only customers who have purchased in your  on-line store will be able to leave reviews.  Revi has an automated system which ensures real reviews by real  customers who have already purchased a product.