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  • What services does Revi provide?

    Customer reviews are based in a five-star-rating-system where they are able to leave comments not only about the products, but also about their  overall experience, from shipping to customer care. 
    The reviews can be placed in different spots on your website, even on your social media.

  • What is the average response of reviews?

    You are able to follow your conversion rate at the statistics section of the Revi dashboard.

    On Revi you can reach an average of a 25% conversion rate. In case you are getting a percentage...

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  • I've got another review system but I would like to get Revi, Is it possible to keep all my previous generated reviews?

    Almost all five-start-rating-system will allow you to export all the reviews before cancelling the plan you have contracted. By providing this information by a CVS or Excel, we will be able to add the...

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  • Can I customize questions I ask to my customers?

    YES! As you configure the control panel you  can customize your clients e-mailing as well. For instance, you can send them a discount coupon or even a selection of the points to review. By defaul...

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  • I would like to get more widgets

    We are continuously designing different widgets to give you the opportunity to customize the way your customer reviews are shown. For paid subscriptions you will find out all the options in section &ldquo , Widgets & rdquo area.

  • How I collect reviews with Revi?

    Easy peasy lemon squeezy! Once you've installed the module everything is automatic. Revi will send an email after a customer purchases a product to evaluate their experiences in your on-line store. Cu...

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  • How can I make sure reviews are not fake?

    We stand with honesty and transparency. Therefore, only customers who have purchased in your  on-line store will be able to leave reviews.  Revi has an automated system which ensures real reviews by real  customers who have already purchased a product.

  • How to deal with a bad review?

    Keep calm. Take a negative review as an opportunity to shine if you manage it correctly. Negative reviews are the most read. Users pay special attention to them. Take them seriously and as a ...

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  • I have an agency and I want to get Revi for my Ecommerce clients. What advantages do you offer?

    If you have an agency and you want to integrate Revi to your clients e-commerce (highly recommendable),it has great advantages:   
    Our affiliate program let you earn co...

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  • Where can I place a link?

    You have different options to promote your corresponding partner link. The more you promote it  the more clients you will bring and therefore, the higher commissions you might get.    &...

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  • Are there more advantages for me?

    Yes!  From 5 registrations and on, we will contact you to offer a Premium Affiliate status; In case we donn’t, please contact us. Premium Affiliate plans are worth it!

  • Rich Snippets

    The famous Google Star Rating System is shown when somebody is searching for a product from your online store. On top of that, we also offer it in categories for you. Much more visible

  • SEO Follow Link

    When you install Revi on your website, we generate a direct link to your page. It's a follow link which means it is the Google favorite to improve your SEO. 

  • I want to change the payment method

    You can modify your payment method by accessing: "my account" -> "subscription" area and selecting the plan you want to contract. Then it will ask you for the new card or PayPal account details to ...

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Other questions

  • Which are the benefits of being a Revi member?

    Revi is a five-star-rating-system that helps building customer trust. Showing reviews from clients that have already purchased products or used your services generates confidence in your on-line busin...

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  • How long is the subscription?

    The best is that there's NO CONTRACT. 
    We offer a monthly or annual payment. You can pay month by month, and cancel our services at any time.

  • Is an annual subscription available?

    You can register an use Revi's FREE version.
    You can always upgrade your subscription to Pro or Premium as your business grow. We offer monthly and annual payments. Cancel at anytime, there's no contract.

  • How can I make a payment?

    You will be able to pay by credit card or PayPal the annual or monthly subscription. If you contract an annual subscription you will be able to pay by bank transfer too. If you need the corresponding invoices you will be able to generate them automatically at the Revi invoices internal panel.

  • Do you use my clients data?

    As required by law, we do comply with the Data Policy Protection: we do not ever use your clients data; for the exception of technical support request.
    In Revi, every user is asked to accept the Terms of Privacy when they leave a review. 

  • What happens when my subscription period is over?

    We will send you an email alert to let you know your subscription will end in a few days. Your subscription will be renewed automatically when you complete the payment via website. If you miss a payme...

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  • On which e-commerce platforms does Revi work?

    Revi works perfectly on the main e-commerce platforms such as: Prestashop, Magento, Woocommerce, Shopify, and Opencart.
    If your on-line store uses a different CMS, please get in touch with&nb...

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  • In which languages does Revi work?

    Revi is ready to work in every language. It's currently working in the most demanded languages such as; spanish, english, portuguese, french, german, and japanese. If you need an specific language , please contact us to active it.

  • Am I able to include discount coupons in the reviews requests?

    YES, you can generate a discount code coupon  to customers who leave a review. You just have to include this code generated by your CMS in the thank-you area box. However, please note that t...

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  • Are there any unexpected costs?

    There are no extra costs. You just pay for the selected plan (VAT included). No more, no less.

  • I have a physical store. Can I implement Revi?

    YES. If you don't have an on-line store but you are interested in including customer reviews on your website, of course you can do it!
    Send us a CSV or Excel file with the client’s and ordering...

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  • My CMS is not included in Revi or I have my own development in my online shop. Can I have Revi?

    YES! If you have a CMS in which we haven't made yet the integration or your website is in PHP; we offer 2 options:

    1. Send us a monthly CSV or Excel file including your customer reviews an we ...

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  • I have two online stores and I want to get Revi. Do I need two different accounts?

    Yes. As sending emails is made by calling the same server, the best for you is having an account for each online shop. Otherwise online store reviews could mix and appear in one and another site. Unle...

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  • Should I register a new account for every language or every country?

    No, Revi collects all your store reviews in every language under the same subscription. The system is already automatized to show the reviews in the same language your users are viewing your website. ...

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  • How much time does it take to get it going?

    Revi has been developed to be quick and easy to install. The installation process will take just 5 min and it will not take more than 30 minutes to have it running on your website. If you need assistance, please get in touch with us.

  • How can I change my account information?

    You can safely change any information regarding your on-line store through the control panel. Revi's control panel is very intuitive and easy to navigate.

  • I have activated a SSL certificate, should I do anything else?

    Yes. Under configuration on Revi's internal panel, there's an option to activate the SSL certificate. Every Revi link in your website is redirected to the SSL, encoded on 128 bits and improving your online store safety.

  • I've already installed Revi but it does not integrate well with my store design adjustments

    If you see something, that does not fit and you come up with new design ideas, please let us know. You can open a support ticket including your FTP and back office access and we will more than happy to help you.

  • Some orders are not sending the review request. What can I do?

    If orders are not sending a review request, might be caused by two main reasons:          
    • It is possible you exceeded  the number of requests you ...

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  • How to configure auto-publishing?

    This function is only available for paid subscribers.
    Go to Panel-> Configuration-> Social section of your dashboard.  Then you will see an option to configure the da...

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  • My account is not sending review requests and I have not exceeded my limit yet. What is happening?

    To provide the best service, we improve Revi's module versions from time to time. Try to install the latest updated version, because in most cases an outdated version is the main reason why mails are ...

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  • Where can I publish my reviews?

    The most important site to publish the reviews is your own website. You also have a trust seal and several widgets to show in different sections of your website.
    Homepage, sidebar and ...

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  • Can I remove a review?

    In Revi, we will evaluate the possibility of removing a review taking in consideration the language used and the veracity behind the review. In any case, we just can't remove a review just because you don't agree with it. There's a right of speech that protects these reviews.

  • Can I reply to a review?

    You can and you should.  All our subscriptions include this feature. Turn reviews into your most powerful marketing tool and your sales skyrocket. Reviews from your customers can provide valuable...

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  • I don't want some customers to leave reviews. What can I do?

    There are a few reasons why you don't want some customers to leave a review.
    One reason might be the ordering of trail orders. It's understandable the fact that you don't want to waste review ...

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  • What level of moderation are you offering?

    We believe in transparency. We give you the power to answer all the comments (positive and negative). Once you provide an answer to a negative review, you can request a customer to consider chang...

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  • My request reviews are running out. When are they going to refresh?

    No matter which day of the month you made the subscription ,your e-mails request review will be restored the first day of the month.

  • When are emails going to be sent?

    Your subscription restarts monthly on the day you signed up.
    If you have a FREE account, your e-mails will be re-established on the first day of the month.

  • Will you let me know when a customer leaves a review?

    We notify when you get a negative review so you can take quick action.
    You can always keep track of all the reviews in your on-line store from your dashboard:  panel> latest reviews.

  • Where are reviews going to be shown?

    You have two types of reviews: Store reviews (general) and Product reviews (individual). 

    Revi offers a variety of options where you can place the reviews on your websit...

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  • How long does it take between a customer leaves a review and it is published on my Website?

    Just seconds. Online reviews are instant. Once a customer leaves an online review it appears updated on your site aotumatically.

  • How do I register?

    It's quick, easy and free to join the affiliate program. You have to register here: https://affiliates.revi.io/en. Once you register y...

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  • How much does it cost?

    At not cost to you= zero.

  • How do I know my link is working properly?

    You can check the number of clients you brought to revi in your dashboard. Click any link and check if it goes to the Revi Home Page just to make sure your "partner link" is working correctly

  • How much will I get in commissions?

    The first year you will get a 30% of the total from each client's annual subscription.

    From the second year and on, you will get a 5% from those same clients, and still a 30% from the new ...

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  • How can I configure my account and my payment information?

    To receive a payment you need to provide us with your bank information. Whenever you want to withdraw your commissions, you need to invoice* under the concept of commissions. We normally pay th...

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  • How can I accumulate comissions?

    Comisisons will remain in your panel, at the moment you want to withdraw it, please click the request commissions button.

  • How and when can I withdraw the comissions?

    As soon as your balance exceeds 100 euros, you can withdraw your comissions. You will have to to submit an invoice for this purpose. The amount of the comissions will be transfered to the bank account provided.

  • In which currency will I get the comission?

    Since we are headquatered in Spain, we manage in euros. If you aren't part of the Euro Zone countries, it will be up to your bank to do the conversion rate in your local currency. 


  • Do I get anything from the FREE subscriptions?

    From the moment that someone has registered through your partner link, you are going to get commissions from their spendings. In other words: if someone registers on a FREE subscription and after the next sixth months updates to a PRO, then you will get comissions during the first year.

  • How does it work?

    It's very easy. If you join our affiliate program, we will create a specific link just for you (partner link). Since then, anyone signing up through your link will be associated to your account and we...

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  • How do I know how much money I have earned?

    You can check the commissions accumulated through your corresponding link in your affiliate panel.

  • How long does it take to get a payment for comissions?

    To withdraw your comissions you will have to provide your bank account in order to receive a tranfer. Once you request a payment, we will process it amd you will receive it the following month.
    **Please note, the payment will be  ready to be effective once you reach 100 euros and up.

  • VAT Withholding

    Depending on the country you are located VAT might be applied to your invoice.

  • Number of review requests

    The number of review requests depend on the selected plan. Every customer will receive a review request after a purchase order.
    The automatic email response, the number of curstomers leaving a review increases exponentially.

  • Discount coupons

    It is more appealing to leave a review when you offer a discount coupon. Leaving a review takes time. Time that some customers are not willing to waste on writing an opinion. Giving a discount coupon ...

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  • Easy Start

    Easy Start gives you the opportunity to get reviews from past purchase orders. This service will send customers who purchased a product or used your services a review request.

  • Response to reviews

    Replying to customers reviews help building customers trust, providing a valuable feedback to your business. Take the time to thank a positive review, or in the contrary, show your best...

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  • Facebook tab

    Now you have the opportunity to generate a Facebook tab with your Revi review webpage. This way customers can get closer to know the store before visiting it.

  • Reminders

    Revi follows-up with a second, and even a third e-mail just in case a customer did not leave a review yet from their last purchase.

  • Blacklist

    Sometimes you just don't want somebody to leave a review. If you want to exclude an email or a number of emails you can do it by adding the email address or their domain to your "blacklist".

  • Your store customer review page

    We generate a Revi review page just for you, including all your store reviews, general reviews and much more... Just to let your customers about your business.

  • Reviews widget

    This small box shows your latest store reviews, general review, google stars and the total amount of reviews. There is also a direct link to your Revi review page.

  • Product review widget

    Beyond a general review in each product page, this widget shows an exclusive customer review, of that specific product. Pull Marketing strategies helps many customers to make a buying decision.

  • SEO plus

    Reviews remain in your own website. It translates into more and more updated content, and better SEO for Google.

  • Facebook auto-publishing

    The latest positive reviews from your on-line store will be autopublished on your Facebook. All you need to do is: select the frecuency you want to publish. You will see how increases the conversion of your e-commerce.

  • Modifying a review

    Once you reply to a negative review, your customer receives an e-mail notification with, not only your response, but also the option to modify their previous review.

  • I want to cancel my account, what do I need to do?

    You can cancel your subscription at any time.
    Go to:  "my account" -> "subscription" area
  • Can I send an email to previous orders?

    Yes, with Revi you can send an email to your previous orders in order to start receiving reviews faster. To do this, go to your Revi panel, then to "Import orders" tab. Here we explain how you should do it.

  • Can I send an email to offline customers?

    Yes, in Revi you can also invite customers of your physical store to rate your prodcuts and/or services. To do this, go to your Revi dashboard, then to "Import orders" tab. Here we explain how you should do it.

  • Up-Selling

    Up-selling is a sales strategy to sell more, or at least higher value products. The main benefit of up-selling is the increase in sales without  that much effort. With this sales strategy, there ...

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  • What is the mediation process?

    Mediation is a process that seeks to resolve any problem with the client. When you receive a negative opinion it is not automatically published, but rather waits for 7 days so that you can talk to ...

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  • Why are they verified opinions?

    Our reviews are verified because they come from real customer purchases. At Revi we have an automated system that connects with your online store to send review invitations only to those who have p...

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  • Can my clients upload photos in reviews?

    Yes, customers can upload any images they want to complete their review. The images will appear next to the rating. Invite your customers to leave images of your products and improve the trust of your store.

  • Can I moderate opinions?

    From Revi you will be able to answer all your clients' opinions. Within the panel you will see all the opinions that have been left in your store and you will be able to answer them. Additionally, ...

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  • What happens if I run out of invitations?

    We will stop sending emails. When you reach the maximum number of shipments, new orders will be placed on hold until your invitations are renewed. Please note that at the beginning of your period R...

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  • What are widgets?

    Widgets are the elements that are incorporated into your website and that allow you to display your customers' reviews. You can choose from more than 50 styles and customize them to fit your brand identity.

  • Can I customize my widgets?

    Yes, you can place the widgets wherever you want on your page and choose the one that best suits your store. Additionally, with our paid subscriptions you can customize the colors of the widgets so that they are 100% to your liking.