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  • I want to change the payment method

    You can modify your payment method by accessing: "my account" -> "subscription" area and selecting the plan you want to contract. Then it will ask you for the new card or PayPal account details to ...

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Other questions

  • How long is the subscription?

    The best is that there's NO CONTRACT. 
    We offer a monthly or annual payment. You can pay month by month, and cancel our services at any time.

  • Is an annual subscription available?

    You can register an use Revi's FREE version.
    You can always upgrade your subscription to Pro or Premium as your business grow. We offer monthly and annual payments. Cancel at anytime, there's no contract.

  • How can I make a payment?

    You will be able to pay by credit card or PayPal the annual or monthly subscription. If you contract an annual subscription you will be able to pay by bank transfer too. If you need the corresponding invoices you will be able to generate them automatically at the Revi invoices internal panel.

  • What happens when my subscription period is over?

    We will send you an email alert to let you know your subscription will end in a few days. Your subscription will be renewed automatically when you complete the payment via website. If you miss a payme...

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  • Are there any unexpected costs?

    There are no extra costs. You just pay for the selected plan (VAT included). No more, no less.