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How Revi works?

Make visible a well done job. Get real reviews for your business effortlessly.
Give your customers a voice with our automated opinion capture system.
We tell you how it works.

How do we get feedback?

Every time a new customer buys in your business, the process begins to get the customer to value it

1. New purchase
2. Product reception
3. Automatic email
4. Your customer leaves an opinion
5. The review is published
6. Loyalty

Reputation Management


In those cases where the customer leaves a negative review, there is the possibility of a mediation case which opens a private conversation between you and your client. It offers a chance to amend an incidence, and therefore solve any issues. After handling the incident, your customer has the opportunity to modify his opinion if the issue has been satisfactorily solved. A great functionality to improve your on-line reputation.


Availability to personalize many features such as, the public store web page, or emails adapted to your colours, and/or logo.

You can also choose from a wide variety of widgets that you can easily place wherever you want on the website.

Start using Revi Reviews

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How to get started


Register your e-commerce on the website and choose your preferred subscription plan. Our FREE version provides basic features, recomended for small-starting businesses. PRO and PREMIUM plans offer so much more. Take a look at our prices. We proudly state that Revi is the only review platform without contracts, minimum permanence, or hidden fees.


Install Revi in 5 minutes. From your panel download the file, once it's integrated you will be able to configure different features and customize with your brand how it will appear to the public.


Make it yours: personalize the emails your customers will receive, customize the review widget, or choose where do you want it to be seen. From here everything is even easier, get reviews from clients automatically. Benefit from the tools Revi offers, start building you online reputation, and gain your client's trust today. Now, just wait to see how
your sales increase.

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