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Revi for Magento

Having Magento shows that you like to do things to your needs and that you do not adapt to standard solutions. Like us, we have adapted our module perfectly for online stores that work with this CMS.

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Register your online store

Register your store on the page with the subscription you prefer. The Free version gives you basic functionality for as long as you want. With the Pro and Premium versions you get much more for very little.

Install and configure

Install Revi in 5 minutes. Give your personal touch and define how you want the mail your customers receive, the opinions widget or the place where you want it to be seen.

Reviews in your store

Get customer reviews automatically From here everything is easier still, take advantage of all the features while increasing confidence, positioning and online sales.

Do you have more of an online store? Your ecommerce has a different CMS? We have a customized plan for you

The benefits of Magento, also in Revi

Easy to install, configure and is a scalable, flexible and efficient management solution. Revi and Magento share many of its benefits.

Optimized for SEO

Revi helps you with the UGC, the content generated by your clients is a great option to upload positions in the search engines.

All in one

If you have an international store, with Revi you can have your reviews in several managed languages from a single subscription.

Simple panel

You have all the content accessible from the internal panel with an interface and a simple, intuitive and very practical operation.

Robust and Safe System

Build trust with a consistent and safe review system. If the reviews works perfectly it is easy to think that the store also.


Both Magento and Revi allow you to customize many aspects to create a tailor made store where your customers feel very comfortable.


Everything is ready to make your life easier. Collect reviews of your customers and improve your store almost without realizing it.

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