How to deal with a bad review?

First of all keep calm. Even a bad review is an opportunity to shine if you manage it correctly. We all have bad days and the most important thing is to react on time to solve it. We will leave you a few quick tips although you already have our Blog Section which explains the issue much better.                                                                                                                                                                                 Negative reviews  are the most read. Users pay special attention to negative reviews. Show your best and take it seriously as you respond and focus on fixing the problem so that it doesn’t happen again. Time is money! Negative comments need to be responded as prompt as possible. That's the way you show your customer satisfaction is a priority. Revi will send you a notification every time you receive a negative review and some tips to respond properly. Be a professional! You may receive rude comments, but it's always important to keep calm and not to respond impulsively. Show your professionalism as you respond to negative reviews at all time. Accept your mistakes! Many things can go wrong so accept your responsibility and try to solve the problem at your best. Avoid criticizing your customers. We all make mistakes, even your customers. They can misunderstand the information, when ordering a product or giving their data. Whatever it is, avoid argue instead, beg for neutrality.   We always believe in transparency and the benefits of publicly display issue solutions. That's why you have the chance to answer all comments and reviews either positive or negative. Once you have provided a solution, you have the possibility to request your customer to change his-her review. If your customer changes the review it will be shown instead of the initial review. However, the chain of messages will be shown afterwards, so you can show your management abilities.