How it works


Sign-up, Install, Set-up

From Revi's dashboard you will be able to manage and monitor in detail all relevant aspects of your on-line store.

configure revi in dashboard


Sit and wait

In Revi everything is automated. Your customers will receive an e-mail inviting them to leave a review within a few days of the purchase.
Your customers will value separately different aspects of their experience such as the product, shipping, and/or customer service.
The review will have a star rating scale, a written comment, and the option to upload pictures of the product.

configura emails at revi dashboard


Public reviews

Customer reviews will be placed where you have selected during the set-up process. The customers wil be able to share their reviews on the main Social Media platforms. You wil be able to automate a posting of the best reviews on  Facebook and/or Twitter.

leave your opinion with revi


Go with the flow

See your on-line business skyrocket

public opinions on your website



Keep everything controlled with the Revi´s internal panel. Our intuitive dashboard will allow you to monitor in detail your on-line store : from percentages of response, statistics, and other settings.

revi dashboard and stats