Register, Install, Configure

To register your store on Revi you only need one email. Download and install the module and configure aspects like the mail that you want your users receive or if you want to offer them a coupon or discount. Now you can start enjoying all the advantages of your customer reviews


Automatic Email

From here, everything works by itself. This email that you have configured is sent automatically within a few days (7) to your customers, once your order is at home. You can fix this interval period just linking in Pro and Premium plans. Easy for you, and for them.


Your customer leaves a review

Once you have used the product it is easier to comment on. Your customers value separately general aspects of the store such as shipping and customer service and also products individually. They leave their written reviews, their valuation on a stars scale and even can upload images of a product.


Public reviews

Customer reviews are updated on the sites of your web where you have selected in the configuration. On the footer, on the sidebar, on the product sheet or wherever you want. In addition they can share their reviews on the main social networks with a single click and you can automate publishing of the best reviews on Facebook and Twitter.


Panel & stats

Keep everything under control with the Revi internal panel. We have developed a complete backoffice so that you can control in detail all relevant reviews aspects in your online store. Percentages of response, Statistics and configuration in a very intuitive and pleasant panel.