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4 customer reviews

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Review of Vijay A. (imported)

The swords are beautiful, very nicely made and came wonderfully packaged. Definitely will shop again, looking forward to it!

Review of Thomas H. (imported)

Purchased on pre-order. Will review when it actually arrives!

Review of Makoto O. (imported)

Este Iaito es un poco pesado para mi pero es mejor para practicar además es muy bonito. Sólo la saya ha sido muy estrecha y no ha cabido Katana así que tenía que arreglarla con el cuchillo pero sin problema :) Me encanta Sakura Iaito y mi sensei también ha dicho que es muy bueno! Muchas gracias por todo!

Review of Bernie (imported)

I am not an expert, but a beginner, so what I see is with a limited view and just a few lectures with the Katana in use - so please bare that in mind reading this!
Was looking for a first-time iaito, not too heavy, also little shorter than standard, because I am also small-ish. So found this, bought it and it was delivered in a reasonable time in very nice suitcase and a sleeve. Unpacking it it already felt "just right". Few training hours later i can still confirm I think it was a good buy.

Only thing puzzling so far: I do hope the splinters and little rubber residue that sticks on the blade, everytime I get it out of the saya is just due to it being new, and it will stop after a time! (or do you have a trick to stop that?)

All in all: i do not regret this buy at all! :D
And I do hope there will be a wakizashi in that design and quality available? ,)

4 customer reviews

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