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Katori Shinto Ryu Bokken - Haya – Artesanal tiene una valoración media de 8.4 sobre 10 basada en 5 opiniones de clientes.

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Katori Shinto Ryu Bokken - Haya – Artesanal

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5 opiniones de clientes

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Opinión de Angel R. (importada) (4 opiniones)

Buen bokken aunque de madera blanda. Se marca en los primeros golpes. Pero tiene pinta de durar mucho por absorber lis golpes así.

Opinión de Georg M. (importada)

Sauber verarbeitet, perfektes Gewicht, optisch sehr ansprechend.
Dazu schnelle Lieferung und günstiger Preis.

Opinión de Peter (importada)

Very nice feel, excellent balance for a longer version for this type. Very well weighted, replicates the weight of the shorter version. The length at 103cm is hard to come by. Traditionally they are 97cm long which for a tall westerner is too short. This size replicates my iaito length so everything is now common.

Opinión de Newcomer t. (importada)

This Katori Shinto Ryu bokken is great for the cost. It is well shaped overall, with an okay curve. It's a bit long for Katori Shinto Ryu as it measures over 1m from the point to bottom of the handle, but I suppose it's fine for a taller person or if you have a preference for a longer bokken. The length of the handle, about 27cm, is perfect in my opinion. The one I bought had a few very small cracks and chips, so I might have to use some sandpaper on it before training – nothing serious though. Considering how cheap it is, I think it's a good buy for a tall beginner.

Opinión de Ben G. (importada)

Good quality tsksr bokuto, I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a decent bokuto for kenjutsu training.

5 opiniones de clientes

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