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Shinden Fudo Ryu | Handmade Iaito Sword |

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4 opiniones de clientes

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Opinión de Martin A. (importada) (4 opiniones)

This is a beautiful sword. It really is perfectly balanced and so comfortable to hold thanks to the black leather hand wrapping. I found the saya to be less thick than my other swords but it is stunning to look at. This is a big size and you may find it a little more difficult to draw the sword and to replace it back in the saya, but if you are tall maybe it won’t be a problem. I highly recommend this sword for those who are serious students.
Martin Acton Chief Aikido Instructor www.martinactonaikido.com

Opinión de Mihaly M. (importada)

Excellent quality. Highly recommended

Opinión de Linda B. (importada)

While practice it feels good

Opinión de Marcus S. (importada)

Beautifully finished sword. Presented very nicely in a sword bag and leather case. Very pleased with this service.

4 opiniones de clientes

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