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Zatoichi Tanto

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19 opiniones de clientes

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Opinión de Tatiana G. (importada)

Buen producto
5 Zatoichi Tanto...

Opinión de Andrés V. (importada)

Pretty cool
4 Zatoichi Tanto...

Opinión de Javier R. (importada)

Elegante y bien acabado. Lo recibí todo correctamente. El filo es mejorable
4 Zatoichi Tanto...

Opinión de Júlio M. (importada) (2 opiniones)

O Tanto tiene una calidad razoavel, bueno para treino

Opinión de Theodore D. (importada)

Incredibly Fast shipping, Tanto very good and solid !

Opinión de Zoltan M. (importada) (2 opiniones)

High quality and really great looking Katana. It was a perfect gift!

Opinión de Jeffrey G. (importada)

I recently bought a Handmade Akechi Katana Sword forged from 3 types of steel its an excellent weapon very sturdy and very sharp
I was offered a free Zatoichi Tanto this is also an excellent item.

Opinión de Alison S. (importada)

Short and sweet. Just brilliant.

Opinión de Richard G. (importada) (2 opiniones)

Recently purchased a Katana . Ordered on Monday arrived by Friday.packaged very well.good heavy solid blade and razor sharp.overall after a good inspection can't fault any part of it.to use as practical and training and for demonstration you will have no problems

Opinión de Simon B. (importada) (3 opiniones)

Excellent product. Promptly delivered. Really good value for money

Opinión de rachael j. (importada)

Fantastic sword, only problem was delivery time but great help from site when I emailed them. Actual piece is faultless and perfect now here though.

Opinión de Saul S. (importada) (2 opiniones)

Lacks a place for a Sageo onthe Saya, but considering I got this for free I can not really complain. All in all, an OK blade. There's a pit on the blade but it should come out when i go over it in maintainence.

Opinión de Thomas M. (importada) (5 opiniones)

Great love my new tanto looks great on display

Opinión de Omar M. (importada)

The katana was blunt and bent

Opinión de Donald G. (importada)

I am delighted with the communication, packaging, delivery of a high quality sword. It passed my expectation for the price paid and was enhanced by the gifts that were packed inside. Overall the service is first class and the merchandise is first class also.
5 Hamidashi...

Opinión de Lukas s. (importada)

Really good custumer service
5 Hamidashi...

Opinión de ingo s. (importada)

alles gut.
5 Zatoichi Tanto...

Opinión de Romain H. (importada)

Livraison sur RDV vus avec le livreur, très bonne qualité, merci à vous :)
3 Zatoichi Tanto...

Opinión de FRANCISCO A. (importada) (4 opiniones)

j'ai reçu le tanto. l'acier est trempé, les parties en bois sont bien laquées. le hic c'est que le tanto n'est pas vraiment coupant. j'ai acheté une pierre a aiguiser et je passe mon temps à frotter, frotter et frotter pour que la lame ait un semblant de tranchant. je calcule que ça va me prendre des jours. j'avais acheté une shirasaya et j'en suis super content, parfaite à tous points de vue. c'est loin d'être le cas de ce tanto.

19 opiniones de clientes

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