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  • New widgets and features

    Get the most out of your customers' reviews. Some of the new additions in Revi are, for example, the stars on Google Shopping, renewed and more customizable widgets or a superintuitive panel.

  • Multilingual

    Is your site multilingual? No worries! Your client reviews will be shown in the language selected by the user. So if he/she has selected English, then all the English reviews collected will be shown first. Same thing will happen with Italian, French, Japanese and every language. Always the user’s language reviews will be first. Afterwards will appear the Spanish reviews.


    Google Shopping Reviews

    Stand out by collecting Google stars in your Google Shopping products. Show stars on Google search results to stand out.


    Reach the first position with Rich Snippets

    Customer reviews in your online store will help you to get the first position in the search engines. Rich Snippets, SEO links and internal SEO improve the whole set.


    Social Media Reviews

    Collect customers reviews just where other users are looking for them.

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