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More than 90% of customers look at the ratings of other clients to find out what their experience has been purchasing in a certain online store. User-generated content is the best ally for building online reputation.

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Widgets are the fundamental tool for displaying online reviews in an attractive, dynamic way that matches your website or e-commerce. We offer a wide variety of widgets that you can put on any site on your website. Oh yeah!

Product widgets

Product widgets make customer reviews of a given product visible; in this way, other potential customers can make a better purchase decision.

Multi language

Do you have a website in different languages? No problem my friend! We offer a multi language service with just one subscription, regardless of the number of languages ​​your website speaks. In addition, your customers will see the reviews according to their preferred language on the web. Voila!


We guarantee the veracity of every review on your website. They come 100% from customers who have made a purchase in your on-line store. We guarantee our reviews are not previously filtered, and can't be manipulated. We provide badges that certify the veracity of the service we provide so your clients can be sure that your online store is the one they can trust.

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Public Page

Revi offers an exclusive public page with information about your store, CTA buttons, and product and/or store reviews. This improves the positioning and visibility of your business.


There are many customers who take photos with the products they have purchased and share them so that other users can get a better idea of ​​their characteristics (color, size...). It is a very powerful visual content because it is free and 100% real.